Asian Restaurants

Heen's Restaurant

Heen's Restaurant

Sutton, Surrey - May 2024

Heen's Restaurant provides authentic flavours of Peking and Szechuan cuisine. The head chef, with over 30 years experience, takes pride in creating traditional dishes. If there is something you would like that is not on the menu, they will create it for you and also create menus for any occasion or preference.


Char-Sui Pork, Crispy House Fried Noodles, Ma Po Tofu King Prawns with Scallop & Asparagus & Boiled Rice.


I was shocked how tasty the steamed Seabass in spring onions and ginger is. Perfectly steamed with the fish dipped in the juices making this a most tasty dish in Sutton. Not expected for a Sutton eatery and specifically prepared. Expensive treat but worth the experience at £28.

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Saikie Restaurant


Saikei Restaurant

Greenwich - January 2024

This restaurant offers traditional Dim Sum style dining but also modern A la Carte.

They also offer an extra selection of authentic cuisine in their Speciality menu.

Below is a nice Chinese New Year Celebration at the restaurant.

old egg

Celebrating with a 100 year old traditional Chinese egg, preserved all that time... how tasty and creamy and a perfect dish!

cha sui pork

Cha sui pork was sensational and full of juicy flavours and great quality pork.


Chinese broccoli was a soft and flavoursome side dish to accompany...

mixed meat noodles

the mixed meat crispy noodles which was perfect and not greasy.

All together a great Chinese New Year Celebration at Saikei restaurant in Greenwich.

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china garden

China Garden

Brighton - December 2023

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants outside of China Town in Brighton… a must go to place if you love real Chinese food.


Chinese broccoli in garlic ( gar lan). Simple but amazingly tasty and healthy side dish.

Special fried rice is always good and not too salty.

Aubergine and tofu hotpot in black bean sauce.

Beautiful dish with so many flavours, it will keep you wanting more… NOT on the main menu so you need to ask for the special Chinese menu.

My favourite!


Sizzling chicken in garlic cooked with spring onions & ginger… arrived sizzling.

A divine dish!

Good quality meat and popular.

I could have had more chicken!

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number one thai

Number One Thai

Sutton - November 2023

The restaurant aims to give you a totally authentic Thai experience.

They also offer delivery as well as dining in.

image of steamed fish with ginger + spring onion

Steamed Fish in ginger & spring onions. Nice and moist and loads of flavour. Fish cooked perfectly and can be cooked whole and not filleted if asked for.

I suggest a whole sea bass to give more flavour and tenderness.

Very friendly restaurant and nice ambience.

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Ivy Asia - Castle View

Guildford - January 2024

In the heart of Guildford you can get all day dining and have a choice of modern British classics to Asian-inspired cuisine and fantastic vegan and vegetarian dishes. It has views across Guildford Castle, hence its name.

For Starters

spring rolls

king prawn

Satay chicken and duck spring rolls were delicious and really crispy and hot to bite! A great starter together with deep fried king prawns with a chilli dip.


squid & sea bream

Beautiful... steamed sea bream, ginger, spring onion and preserved chinese vegetables.



Grilled salmon fillet cooked in teriyaki and sesames. A bit on the dry side and not very Asian in tastes.

dim sum

Dim Sum ... need I say more!

black cod

Baked black cod in leaves…super soft and flavoursome. Unusual dish, light and tasty.

wagyu beef

Wagyu beef was out of this world. Sensational flavours in a soya sauce base with spring onions. Expensive but worth it, a once in a lifetime treat!

pork belly

sliced pork belly

Pork Belly – crispy on the outside and succulent! Delightful texture and flavours. Worth the cost to have so much pleasure!

Expensive venue but worth it for something special. 

Need to book in advance as very popular.

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Xing Fu

Xing Fu

Meads, Eastbourne

December 2023

The tastefully decorated interior sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience, whether you're having a leisurely lunch or an intimate dinner.

For my visit I tried the following dishes:

Tofu with Stuffed Prawns

Tofu with stuffed prawns - amazing dish with so many flavours, easy to eat and healthy.

Special Fried Rice

Special Fried Rice - simple and delicious side.

Crispy Noodles

Crispy Noodles - a popular Cantonese dish with mixed meats - with a crunch as you bite. So many flavours!

Other dishes tried:


Braised shin of beef slow cooked with vegetables and five spice - a northern China home dish brought to Meads Village!

Delicious scallops with Chinese vegetables in a light garlic sauce. Amazing and perfectly cooked.

Braised tofu hotpot with vegetables. No stir fry but healthy nutritious authentic Chinese food to make your mouth water!

A very enjoyable dining experience, so much so that I will be visiting again!

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sea palace amsterdam

Sea Palace


November 2023

Visited the Sea Palace in Amsterdam which is the largest floating restaurant in Europe and definitely a place to go and experience Chinese Cuisine.

Cha Sui

Wow, the Roast Pork (Cha Sui) is succulent and just melts in your mouth.

Pricy at £22.50 but worth the experience & delight.

Must book for evenings.


Served by little robots to add to the fun as you order via the app.

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banquet chinese

Banquet Chinese

Colchester, Essex

September 2023

Banquet Chinese endeavours to re-create traditional flavours enjoyed by generations in the rural areas of Asia.

Contemporary Cantonese dishes and Dim Sum take centre stage.

The dishes shown below are the ones that I experienced on my visit.

Chilli Pepper & Squid

Firstly, chilli and pepper served with baby squid - a fiery dish that is so soft to eat. Perfectly cooked. A great starter!

Salted Fish

Salted fish and chicken, mixed with tofu - amazing on the taste buds - a dish to die for!

Scallops & Squid

Finally, Scallops and squid combination. Delicious with chinese mushrooms and light on the palate.

Altogether mouth watering food.

Will definitely visit again when in the area!

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